Golf Instructors & Rates

LPGA Director of Instruction

Brooke Watts, LPGA

My Approach

I believe in teaching my students how to swing the golf club with a bio-mechanic approach. Swing the club the way YOUR body is designed. Everyone is built differently — so we are all going to swing the club differently. Studies have shown there are over 1.8 billion ways you can swing a golf club, and they are all correct depending on how your body moves. I do a 12 step bio-mechanic assessment on each student, to ensure each student is swinging the golf club the way their body is designed. This allows my students to swing the club with an athletic and more repeatable motion, and allows my students to make swing changes faster and easier.  

With over 15 years of teaching experience, I have taught every age and skill level of golfer. My goal for my students, is to create confidence with their game by swinging the club the way they are designed. I want my students to own their swing, just like a signature. Own your swing, and swing the club the way your body is designed. 

Teaching Accomplishments: 21 Division 1 Collegiate Golfers, 5 Division 2 Collegiate Golfers, 2 LPGA Q – School participants, 2 PGA Q – School Participants, 16 High School First Team All District, 5 High School First Team All Regional 

Education: Southwestern University: Major – Business & Communication; Minor – Spanish; LPGA Class A; Level 2 Bio-Swing Mechanic Certified Instructor, Vision54, NASM – Performance Enhancement Specialist, NASM – Corrective Exercise Specialist   

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Rates: $200 – 50 Minutes (With the Full Swing Launch Monitor)


General Manager/Director of Golf

Matthew Long, PGA

My Approach

Matthew’s teaching philosophy is simple. “There is no perfect way to swing or learn, each golfer is different and needs a different approach to their own golf game” Solid fundamentals, good habits and practice can improve any golfers playing ability. With over 21 years of experience Matthew teaches all ages and abilities to play and enjoy the game of golf. His goal is to create a safe, comfortable and encouraging environment for each lesson to become a better golfer. Whether you want to learn to become a scratch golfer or want to simply enjoy the game more he will be able to provide an instructional program that helps you reach your goals.

Contact Information:

Rates: $125 – 45 Minutes


Head Golf Professional/Tournament Coordinator

Tim Hutchinson, PGA

My Approach

As a member of the Professional Golfers Association for the last 13 years, growing the game of golf to be a FUN sport!! A sport that all can play and enjoy at all levels. I teach the fundamentals and focus on tempo and balance in the golf swing.

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Rates: $100 – 45 Minutes

Teaching Professional

Van Johns, PGA

My Approach

My approach to teaching the golf swing is a combination of Ernest Jones, Angel De La Torre and Manuel De La Torre Methods. I feel the swinging motion is the most energy efficient method to produce the force necessary to hurl a call a great distance.

The focus of the golf swing on the golf club itself, not on the body. It is the club movement as a whole that is the major concern. When the club is used properly to send the ball to the target, the body will respond correctly as a direct result. This concept works for all types of golfers, from the beginners to the experienced, from the yond and old.   

Contact Information: or 512-809-3710

Rates: $60 – 45 Minutes